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This page contains specific projects i have chosen to showcase ranging from design/art related ideas to problem solutions


My final semester project on PRT @ KEA. The project was graded with the highest possible grade in Denmark. The idea of the project was to create a handshake between PAUSTIAN A/S' production and the makerspace UNDERBROEN located in Copenhagen, the project proved that a simplified furniture production was possible in a makerspace to create a refined product.

The example of the project was a stool designed by myself with simple joints and a cork seat. The stool was based on user interviews from danish elementary schools and the danish standard: DS_EN 1729-1_2015_AC_2016.

Finished stool and a picture of the work in progress

A Fusion 360 render

HTAS dust containment

A product solution tailored to Haldor Topsoe A/S factory in Frederikssund. A complete report containing analysees, economical figures, static calculations and product development was deviced in a group consisting of 5 students including me from KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Solidworks renderings of final product

Presentation sketch for HTAS made to determine design


A custom made tableplate/slate system for a HAY table frame. Made of 6 slates  which can be moved according to wire and cable setup for IT. Artist Asta Meldal Lynge composed and painted to of the slates adding a personal feel to the client

Example of slate setup

Closeup of the custom lasercut pattern

Stærke Henrik

A custom made stand inspired by strong manly legs in transparent lasercut acrylic. Designed with flatpacking capeabilities in mind and an easy to setup method

Stærke Henrik in use

Stærke Henrik in its assembled state


A prototype lamp experimenting with movable parts and different ways of using the light. 

Lasercut, paintes plywood assembled with nuts and bolts acting as regulators for the construction

A sideview of the Tablecrane

Bror David

A christmas ornament adventure. David and i decided to produce and sell lasercut christmas ornaments, this project included a business plan, production plan, branding and webpage building. 

Product variety of the "flake"

Flatpack  solution


An ongoing project to create accessories made of wood. This project explores the capeabilites of lasercutting systems and how to refine a product

Engraving process aprox: 11 mins per side

Beekeeper woodlery

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